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NYC Midnight 250 Word Microfiction Competition

  Back in October, I felt supremely brave. Brave enough to enter a writing competition put on by NYC Midnight. I haven't written much but social media posts and journal entries for the past 10 years. Why did I do this...? Maybe to prove I still had chops? Maybe to just have fun? I'm not entirely sure. But I'm glad I did. The challenge? 250 words. Thousands of writers. 24 hours. They give a genre, an action, and a word.  I had a great time doing this. My first assignment was fabulous: Sci-fi, the word "wing," and the action was recording a conversation. I immediately had an idea pop into my head and rattle around all day - then I wrote it in about 30 minutes and submitted it with no hardcore edits. My husband said..."Where in the dark depths of your brain did THAT come from?!" HA! My first story assignment got me third place in my round! I was shocked and thrilled. Very proud of my piece, too. It was unique and original for me, and I have no desire to add

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