The Beginning

"Well," I said. "I've made up my mind."

"About what, bug?" said my husband, Cody.

"I'm going to start a blog."

"You're real cute."

And so it begins. After following blogs found on Pinterest like Putting Me Together, The Small Things Blog, and MaskCara, I discovered that a lot of things I do are equally as cute! I want to share my love of quirky home decor, fashion, beauty, and cooking with the world. Not to mention, my husband and I are newlyweds who paid for (most of) our DIY wedding, are both full-time working professionals in growing fields (nursing and museums), are pet owners, adventure lovers, DIY'ers, are soon-to-be homeowners, and (maybe!) starting a family soon.

All of these things and more are soon to come. But first, a little introduction to our lives and relationship, along with our unique engagement photos by Tim Davis Photography.

Cody and I met August 6, 2010 at a bar on three-for-one night...pretty cliche! We joke that it was a sign of the rest of our relationship - we're fun lovers and bargain hunters. After a few dates, we couldn't get enough of each other.

Here we are about 2 months into our relationship, celebrating my birthday at the same bar where we met:

After only 11 months after we met, Cody proposed on a Caribbean cruise on July 21, 2011:

 We started planning our wedding shortly after (which I will blog about in detail later!). We had beautiful engagement photos taken in October and December, 2011.


In the Pumpkin Patch photos I am wearing: Dress by Guess
Boots by Lucky Brand (That I got for a steal at $50!)
White Lace Cardigan by Poof!
Cody is wearing American Eagle sweater and jeans

In the Velvet Couch photos I am wearing: Jeans by BKE
Boots by Arturo Chiang
Charcoal cardigan by Loft
Leopard Scarf by Charlotte Russe
Gray T-shirt by Pink, Victoria's Secret
Cody is wearing American Eagle shirt and jeans

Photo Credit: Tim Davis Photography, Wichita, Kansas
Hair: Katie at ABLS Salon, Wichita, Kansas
Makeup: Krista at Beau Monde, Wichita, Kansas
Nails: Nicole at Beau Monde, Wichita, Kansas

 Until Next Time,




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