The Importance of Bridal Portraits

So as you know, I'm happily married and our wedding day was THE BEST day of my life. Seriously I know people say that, but really, this was my day:

Woke up
Greeted my photographer

Made breakfast with my bridesmaids

Scratched lotto tickets with my soon-to-be hubby
Kissed him bye!
Got my makeup done

Got my hair done

Went to the church and put on my dress

Took pictures,
Got married,
Took more pictures
Cut the cake
Went to bed

I will soon blog about how your wedding day can be like this, too, but there is ONE THING that bugged me when I saw the photos of the day.

My hair got ever-so-slightly mussed. I got married in Kansas and it was around 110 degrees that day, so of course I got hot. I really assumed that in between my ceremony and reception someone would have fixed my hair. But they did not. So in most of the pictures of me at our reception, my bangs are all screwy.

Cowlick...forever in my wedding photos.

Whatever. If that's the worst thing that happened to me on our wedding day, I can certainly live with that. I still felt beyond beautiful that day and I know this is a super petty thing to whine about. I have no regrets about my hair...
Especially because I had bridal portraits taken about a month before our wedding.

Now this may seem like an unnecessary expense, but let me tell you, I cherish the photos of my mother and grandmother in their bridal gowns. I know that the photos of me as a bride will become important to my family if we are blessed with children! On top of that, I was able to see what I liked about my overall look because I had my hair and makeup trials the same day, and I did tweak some things. AND - I have photos of my hair sans dreadfully hot day, and it is perfect.

My photographer asked me if I wanted to go outside in my dress. He said a lot of brides choose not to because they're afraid their dress will get dirty. Because I know how to spot-clean a wedding dress (white Ivory brand dish soap, warm water, a white washcloth), I went for it! I am so glad I did. I also incorporated a chair that I call my throne in the photos; I've had the chair since 7th grade and it added a special touch.

After I had my portraits taken, I decided to add a belt for the wedding, wear a different necklace, change my hair slightly, and wear a petticoat under my dress. I wouldn't have had the opportunity to know what looked best if I wouldn't have done this. Plus, you only get to wear your dress one day! That thing is expensive and gorgeous and you should wear it at any given opportunity.

So here are some tips to make sure you're prepared for a bridal session:

Pin in my dress = Great reaction shot.
1. Get your dress altered. The photo shoot is also a great time to see how the dress wears for an extended period of time and you'll notice any changes that need made. I actually found a huge pin left in my dress!

2. Schedule your hair and makeup appointments. I recommend doing this anyway, but when you get all done up and then see what you look like photographed, you'll know what to change the day of. If your blush is too bright or your lip color is off, this is when you'll know. I say this to my brides at the store all the time: the day is one day, the pictures last a lifetime. Make sure you look good!

 3. Bring a fun object that means something to you. Maybe it's your grandmother's dress that you put on a dress-maker's doll, or maybe you do something like I did and bring in a special piece of furniture. I also used a parasol that was a gift from my sister.

 4. Bring your mom. She'll love to see you in your dress, be able to help you maneuver in it, and lace/zip/button you up. Then, she will know just how much help you'll need the big day getting into your dress.

5. Try to bundle the session with your photographer. Ours offered engagement, bridal, and the day-of shots in one bundled package. Yeah, it was expensive - but this is the day to spend on your photos. Whether your shots are in-studio or outside, you will not regret documenting your time as a bride.

  Until next time,


Photograph: Tim Davis Photography
Bridal Gown: Mori Lee by Madeline Gardner (#1667) From Dress Gallery
Veil: En Vogue
Shoes: Poetic Licence
Chair: Thrift Store Find
Parasol: Thrift Store Find


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