The Miracle

There are some memories in life that are vivid long after they are over. Some of them are painful. Some of them are wonderful. Some of them are strange memories that you didn't think you'd remember, but you do.

I had one of those moments in January. It was 2am, and I had to pee. (Bear with me). This was unusual for me. Earlier that day, Cody and I were at the grocery store and something said to me, "You should buy a pregnancy test." Cody told me I should wait, take it easy, don't get my hopes up. I said we should just buy it, we were out, and I was late. He made me promise I wouldn't take one until I was 7 days late (I was 4). Fine, I said. Then that night, I had to pee.

So I thought okay, I can take this thing and not stress Cody out and just get it over with and go back to bed. So I took it.

It was positive. In like four seconds. And I started screaming.

Cody bolted out of bed (I seriously have never seen him move that fast) and I thrust the test into his hands and said the words I doubted I would ever be able to say:

"We're pregnant! I'm pregnant!"

He dropped to his knees. I fell right along with him.

That moment at 2am in our tiny bathroom in our first house together is one of those memories that will never fade.

It has finally happened. I am due with our Miracle Baby that we affectionately call "Minnow" in late September. We have had names picked out since the beginning of our fertility journey two years ago, which we will share when we know if "Minnow" is a he or a she.

Cody's surgery worked. The day we were supposed to go back in for his 3-month follow up after surgery was the day of my first doctor's appointment. We are overjoyed,  thankful, and happy for modern medicine that solved our fertility issues for good.

I feel great - a few food aversions, no morning sickness, an early-showing bump, and a glow. I'm simply stoked.

I've never been this happy. Life has never been this good. Everything is illuminated and beautiful and bright.

Watch our announcement video here:


  1. Congratulations! So happy for you and Cody, enjoybthis beautiful journey!


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