Baby Bump Pictures and Baby Shower!

I had the ultimate pleasure of meeting a new photographer a few weeks ago. I booked her after she had a last minute cancellation and posted it on her Facebook page. I got a discount because I booked her open spot (sweeeet). But even without the discount, this shoot was well worth it!

In the past, I'm not sure if I would have sprung for maternity pictures. Kind of seems frivolous and expensive and pointless. But as I approached my third trimester, I found myself thinking: "What if I'm never pregnant again, and the only photos we have of me pregnant are the few we've snapped in our back yard?" I'd be so sad. "Would Phoebe enjoy seeing these photos in the future?" I love seeing photos of my pregnant mama.

So we did it and I'm so glad. On a daily basis, I feel absolutely stunning because of the glow I have from pregnancy. These photos capture how I feel. I've never felt more beautiful in my life, and I owe it all to Phoebe.


Sunday, we had Phoebe's baby shower. (And yes, I wore the same dress! I love it!) It was a co-ed shower and a "feast," and we didn't play any of the games that I find incredibly obnoxious. I just wanted a celebration of friends and family, good food, and one thing in particular: a naked cake. I got my wish thanks to my sister-in-law, Emily, who somehow captured everything in my brain through my few Pinterest pins and probably the fact that she just knows my style and gets my vibe. I am so happy we did it the way we did. People came from near and far (Here's looking at you, Lindsey!) to celebrate Phoebe and our miracle.

One of the poignant moments was Cody's grandma's gift. His grandfather has been gone for many years now, and I wish I could have met him. Wrapped very carefully among a baby book and girly clothes was a heavy marble plaque that reads: "The best thing a Father can do for his children is love their Mother." It belonged to his grandfather. Cody's grandma said he kept it for years where he could see it on a daily basis. Gifting that to Cody was incredibly touching. Cody and I both got teary, and those words really resonated with us as we shared Phoebe's gifts and her family together as a couple at the baby shower.

We simply can't wait for everyone to meet her. Cody and I can't wait to meet her! Every time I talk to her, I tell her how much she is already loved.

I've said it before but I can't help it....I never knew how deeply in love I could be with someone I have never met. Ten weeks to go!

Photography: Kara at Cloverleaf Photography
Blue Maxi Dress: Anthropologie (No Longer Available)
Mint Jeans: Motherhood Maternity
Sandals: Very old Coach
Flower Crown: Handmade by me
Throne: Vintage
Cake: Cameo Cakes


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