A Late Note to Phoebe: One Year Old

When I held you for the very first time, I remember thinking how strange it was to finally meet you and how miraculous it was that just hours ago you were in my womb.

Those emotions. That joy of seeing your squishy little face. It is a memory that will not soon fade, if it ever does.

This year has been a blur; a mess of chaos and love and cuddles and wonder. Mostly wondering how your brain works and wondering how it's possible for you to grow so very fast.

My child I wish for you a joyous life, one similar to your first year:

A life of new friends, family who can't wait to see you no matter the occasion. I wish you a life of quick learning, full of mistakes so you can grow. I wish you a life of commiseration when you're sad or hurt or sick. I wish you a life of love and snuggles and never sleeping alone.

Happy first birthday, beautiful one.


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